Who am i?

Mouth to Mouth is written by Adriana. I am a lover of all things food related. I work in the food industry but my heart lies in creating and writing about food. I live in Melbourne’s inner north, with my boyfriend of four years. I cook, write, shop, collect art and dance. I am an adventurous eater and will eat almost anything besides maggots, witchety grubs and crickets. (I hate flying bugs and worms). I have a preference for hot and spicy food. I would die happily with a bowl of pho. I need to eat three meals a day or I get moody. l love red meat but can rarely afford it. I absolutely adore chocolate and my favourite cake is cheesecake. I am happiest when travelling with no plans, just the bag on my back and my nose as my guide.

Things to keep in mind?

I am not a photographer, I use my iPhone and a Canon EOS 550D.
This is my view, I am not a qualified critic, however I am learning….

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