Broken down paradise

Posted on January 11, 2012


I spent the summer procrastinating about writing this post, or to be honest to write at all. Upon arriving for what was to be a holiday in the sun with a pen in my hand and no cares in the world, I arrived in shock to find that my beloved father was ill suffering from diabetic complications. The following months were spent supporting my family, dealing with the poor state of third world medical care and struggling to come to terms with seeing my strong independent father suffering. I am one of “those” people who has lived a life without dealing with sickness and death, I had yet to develop a thick skin, understand an appropriate way to behave, contain my anger, confusion and disappointment. The experience sucked the life out of me, I found it hard to find real inspiration to write when all I wanted to do was be transported in a bubble anywhere away from there.

With time, some improvements were made and my father slowly got better, he is not 100% and may never be, but I am content that I did everything in my power to support him and my mum during this difficult time. They say it takes something tragic to realise what is important in life, I feel appreciative that I live in one of the luckiest countries in the world where healthcare is free to everyone and is of the highest standard, for both inpatient and outpatients, public or private. The healthcare system in Mauritius was testing at the best of times, without stong will and “meddling” from my older sister, I believe my father would have passed away, like many people in Mauritius that cannot afford private healthcare. Mauritius has the highest rate of diabetes in the world, yet the standard of care for patients with diabetic complications was very low. Without generous financial support from family members, my dad would not have survived. These inequalities in the healthcare system of Mauritius are replicated worldwide, a modern medical plague that third world countries face daily.

The experience made me question my motivations and gave me a desire to live each day wholeheartedly, constantly seeking and discovering something new everyday. Health is my top New Years resolution for 2012, as a foodie it is easy to get carried away and ignore health problems. I have let things slide as of late and will do my best to eat in moderation this year. It is a common trend amongst those in the food industry to overeat. Tasting food for a living can lead to overindulging until your sense of hunger becomes deplete. It is important for those who love good food and wine to check your glucose levels from time to time, type two diabetes is a silent killer, its complications strike late in life when the body is already frail and weak. It is a growing health problem in modern society, often coined the ‘lifestyle disease’ , it can be avoided and controlled.

Despite the negative aspects of my holiday, I took time away to enjoy the island, para-sail over the Indian ocean, hike, snorkel the reef and eat fresh lobster, crab and fish caught daily. I will post about these experiences shortly, stay tuned for new updates, recipes and reviews……

Happy New Year!

*Tip for any traveller in Mauritius, do not use the public health system unless you know someone in politics!

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