Bon Voyage! My trip to tropical paradise.

Posted on November 29, 2011


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard me rant on about my upcoming trip. Well needless to say it is here, tomorrow I leave to embark on six weeks of exploring the tropics of Mauritius, Rodrigues Island and if time permits, Madagascar. This trip means more to me than just eating my way around an Island, finding an off the beaten track, or sipping rum and fresh squeezed coconut on the beach, it is my return after 17 years away to append time with my retired parents. As a child, this place was magical. Coming from Canada originally, everything was foreign, interesting, colourful and dangerous. Long days were spent making perfume out of tropical flowers I foraged, playing in our treehouse, swimming in crystal clear waters or believe it or not with my pet monkey Lucy(it was the 80s)……things have very much changed, the onslaught of tourists brought greed and excess, drugs and crime. Despite these issues, it was never a sacred land free from the above vices but I was perceiving it through a child’s innocent eyes. My trip will be an experience to understand my past, get to know my parents better and to take time out to write about the lovely Creole culture and it’s food. Ah and the food, although I would like to shed some weight whilst traveling I know I will be drawn to the rich curries and greasy but delicious streetfood. So come along for the ride and share my experiences, fingers crossed I will be able to post weekly. I hope you enjoy!

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