Sausage on wheels.

Posted on October 19, 2011


The food truck craze has well and truely descended over Melbourne. Burgers, taco’s, doughnuts and kebabs, it is about time that a gourmet hot-dog van took to the wheel. Le Sausage’s fire engine red truck carries a supply of specialty sausages from Gruner’s butcher and deli in Saint Kilda. These are not any old hot dogs, the four flavours come with a range of toppings, such as caramelized onion, smoked pureed capsicum, dijon mustard and tasty cheese. Hungarian, Polish, Italian pork and chorizo sausages are wedged between a traditional french baguette from Noisette bakery in Port Melbourne.

Run by Alex Talimanidis from A la Grecque in Airley beach and his partner Laura Thompson, they will now call Northcote’s High Street home when they are not on the move. Upon arrival Mr M and I chose a Polish Polka sausage, chorizo sausage and chips. I assumed that the toppings would naturally come preprepared by the duo, however this job is up to you. This may seem like an interesting concept in logic, but in practice it comes off shakey. One thing which makes a food truck so great, is the minimal choice, the ability to order, sit back and relax. Here however, you are left to “actually think” about how the sausage will taste with each of the extra toppings. Once summer kicks in and crowds expand, I forsee that this concept of choice will have to change, too many people, too many options.

The sausages are fantastic, full bodied flavour, with texture of a home made sausage. However, I have issues with the bread, I love Noisette bread, however the bread is too thick and textured for the sausage. Personally a good hot dog is one that wraps around the meat, a soft roll, which allows the meat to shine. Every part of the hot dog should be able to be eaten in one bite. Here, although great on their own, it is difficult to eat together. The sausage and onions squirm their way out of the bun. The capsicum sauce is incredible with the chorizo, and the caramelized onions are a treat. Our chips were topped with chilli, oregano and Japanese mayonnaise. An interesting choice, but really well cooked, crisp and full flavoured.

A great addition to the growing range of meals on wheels available in Melbourne, with a more organised menu, and better choice of bread, Le Sausage will dominate amongst hungry festival goers and late night eaters around the city. Check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter for there next move. A bright and cheerful addition to High Street…..

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