Celebration on the northside.

Posted on September 22, 2011


You will be hard pressed to find a Northcote resident who doesn’t feel some a sense of loyalty and pride in the community. Things are slower, more relaxed, and colourful on the north side. I moved to Northcote over three and a half years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I will refrain from being overly patriotic, but I really do love this town. Which is why I have been hanging out for HighNoon ever since HighVibes was closed. HighNoon is a day festival that showcases the best that Northcote has to offer: food, art, clothing, culture and music. The day was hot and sunny, which proved a hit amongst the other 35,000 people who flocked there. Busy and bustling, my favourite restaurants offered four item menus to showcase their best festival fare. One thing that was really lacking was the music, the whole enjoyment of HighVibes was the music, great bands and DJ’s, big stages, drinks and food. This year there were hour-long lines to enter bars, with very little music on show. I understand that HighVibes got too big too soon, but it had a great atmosphere and something for everyone to do. I found that I spent most of my time wandering around trying to avoid bar queues. It just so happened that a friend of a friend had industry performer passes for the social club, I grabbed one and walked straight past the hour-long queue to enjoy what would be one of the worst drinking decisions I have made in a long time. I will keep that information private. Overall it was a great day out in the sun, I hope next year they address the music and bar issue, and try to make it more interesting for those above the age of twelve and under fifty. As for the food, I was in meat heaven: grilled meat on the spit, sausages, patties, pork belly and marinated chicken. I was surprised that the vegetarians of Northcote, were not better catered for. My vegetarian friend was unimpressed with the choices. My food highlight was Cafe Bedda’s orange marinated chicken with Sicilian coleslaw in an Italian bread, and Coco Loco’s chocolate brownie. The flavour of the orange and chicken was incredible. The brownie was moist and rich in chocolate. Lowlights were Chowhound’s very bland chicken and prawn rice paper rolls and a very inauthentic Mexican Taco at a Mexican restaurant on the strip. I’ve added some quick spur of the moment photos for your pleasure.

The Estelle's spitroast.

Cafe Bedda's orange marinated chicken with Sicilian coleslaw.

Chowhound's Chicken and rice paper rolls.

Local olives and honey.

Coco Loco's incredibly decadant chocolate brownie.

Coco Loco's peach whitie.

Palomino's ricotta pancakes with berry compote & yoghurt.

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