Vegan delights.

Posted on September 9, 2011


Mister Nice Guy creates cupcakes using top quality vegan, fair trade and organic ingredients. Run by a self-trained husband and wife duo, Lucas Cook and Deb Kantor, the idea came from a desire to fill a hole in the vegan dessert market. Their cupcakes come in twenty-seven original flavours and eight cocktail flavours, with clever names like: Orange Creamsicle, Red Hot Riding Hood, Pina Colada and Cherry-B Bomb. On request they make cakes in all of the cupcake flavours. Sadly, just when I found out about this place, it closed because of high demand. Good news is their reopening a new cupcake shop in Prahran. Untill then, everything can be ordered online or at one of their stockists in Melbourne.

Cookies and cream and Chocolate coconut

Due to its closure, I headed to my local cinema, The Palace in Northcote, to try some of their treats. I chose Beetle juice and Betty White. They were the only two flavours left. Both came with lashings of sweet icing, which to me is the first indicator of a good cupcake. It felt moist and looked incredibly well made. The Beetle Juice is a vanilla cake, with cookies mixed into the batter, topped with vanilla icing and a biscuit on top. The icing was velvety and sweet, the cake soft and flavourful. I did feel that it was a little dry, which I think would be because the Palace cinema keeps the cupcakes on the counter to sit.The Betty White was a chocolate cupcake, with coconut icing and topping. I preferred this cupcake, the coconut was fresh tasting and the chocolate ganache inside the cupcake was fantastic. It also gave moisture to a rather dry cake.

Overall, I really enjoyed both, this was the first time I have tried a vegan cupcake and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. I can’t wait for their new shop in Prahran to try out the whole range of flavours, because I am certain that the reason they were dry was because of the way they were handled at the cinema. The new shop opens in September, stay tuned to their Facebook for details. Happy eating….


My lovely Mr M,bought me two more cupcakes over the weekend to share, a Rosie Robot and a French Toast. Both were considerably fresher than the last two, and the cake was moist. I adored the French Toast which is a cinnamon nutmeg cake stuffed with walnuts and topped with a maple syrup icing. The cake was moist and the spices provided a warmth to the flavour. What I really enjoyed was the maple syrup frosting. Mr M, preferred the Rosie Robot, which is a pistachio flavoured cupcake, topped with a rosewater frosting and pistachio pieces. The flavour of rosewater was delicate and smooth, it complemented the nutty flavour of the pistachio, without being dominant. I purchased both cupcakes from the same cinema in Northcote. I presume that the last batch we tried had been kicking around, which is why they were dry. The sales person commented that turnover had increased considerably in the last two weeks, so I hope this means that they will always serve them fresh from now on. Well worth a third visit…..

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