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Posted on September 9, 2011


Momo Station

Momo Station has become a favourite amongst the hoards of students addicted to their delicate and spicy Nepalese dumplings served with a sweet and lightly spiced tomato sauce. This quaint eatery is situated in the heart of the student centre in Melbourne city. Cheap and cheerful, this place serves up a range of traditional dishes for under 20 dollars. Created by Nepalese students, their aim was to introduce people to Nepalese cuisine and to provide for the Nepalese community in Melbourne.

Meeting with Mr M for a quick bite, we decided on this cafeteria style eatery, based on our love of Nepalese food, thanks to Northcote favourite Wild Yak Tibetan. We order a serving of Momo’s each, vegetable and beef. Momo’s are a white flour dumpling originating from the Nepali regions of Tibet and the Himalayas. They are filled with meat, vegetables, cheese or even sweet fillings. The morsels are similar to a Chinese dumpling, however they are served with a smoky and sweet tomato achaar (sauce) traditionally.

Surrounded by brightly painted walls, portraits of Nepalese surroundings and old furnishings, I feel like I have been transported to Nepal. Our orders take longer than expected, but still within a reasonable time frame, given the bustling full house. At least they had the common courtesy of advising of the wait, unlike some major fine dining restaurants in Melbourne.

Momo Station

Our dumplings arrive, with some vegetables, a tomato and chilli dipping sauce and chicken broth. The design is intricate and looks like it takes a very skilled hand to create. The vegetable dumpling is filled with a mixture of shredded carrot, potato, greens and coriander. The wrapper is thin and slightly chewy, perfect with the crisp texture of the vegetables. The tomato dipping sauce is perfectly seasoned, it is almost sweet, but paired with the chilli sauce it works a treat. One disappointment though, is that the vegetable Momo’s are the only dumplings to not come without the chicken broth, which I would have liked.

Momo Station

The beef dumplings have a plumper and rounder appearance compared to the vegetable dumplings. The filling is moist and bursts in the mouth. Much better than the vegetable, the wrapper, thinner than the last.  Well worth $7.50 for eight dumplings. Full, without feeling like im bursting at seams, I happily left, eyeing off the menu for my next visit. It won’t change your life, but will make you appreciate the great food diversity Melbourne has to offer. If your after a quick-lunch or snack in the city and are unfamiliar with Nepalese cuisine, let this place be your introduction….

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