Lebanese pizza with attitude.

Posted on July 26, 2011


Lebanese food with attitude and spunk in the heart of Brunswick East. Mankoushe pizza is run by two brothers who love rock & roll music and good food. This tiny eatery pumps out orders to the tunes of Pink Floyd whilst a legion of regulars wait anxiously for their next hit. This place is a haven for struggling students and for a night out with friends when the budget is tight. Nothing on the menu is over ten dollars.

A Mankoushe is a Lebanese pie, made fresh on order. It is filling yet suprisingly healthy. With over 26 different bases, I have slowly been working my way through the menu.  Notable mentions on the menu are the: Sujuk, Shanklish, Labne and chicken with Jadoule cheese. Most are folded in half if ordered as takeaway or rolled. Some are served like a pizza. There is an option for a spelt base too.

There is an option to eat in, during winter tables are few and the music is very loud. In summer, there is the option of sitting outside with great tunes, cider and friends.This place has become my local take-away on a Thursday night, I recommend trying everything on the menu, with an ample supply of chilli powder in hand. (they supply it id eating in). They also have a local delivery service on pushbike during summer. Be prepared to wait, food is made to order, and takes time. With food this cheap and good, it is worth the wait.

Mankoushe Pizza
325 Lygon Street, Brunswick East,
9078 9223
Open Thurs-Sun
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