The “virgin” blogger

Posted on June 24, 2011


Hello foodies and friends,

After following and admiring food writing for years, i feel it is the right time to unleash my creativity and self publish. As a student journalist the act of self publishing can be quite daunting, but for me it is a way to practice my writing skills. I am no chef, but i love to cook and cook well. I am not a professional photographer, so it will be a learning process. I am excited by food but not just fine dining and Martha Stuart style photos. Real food which feeds the soul and brings people together.

Growing up with a Mauritian dad and Finnish mum, cooking was a natural progression for me. At an early age i discovered through travelling that food was the best way to absorb a new culture. I become instantly obsessed. I now live and breathe food culture and work part-time in the food industry. In time I hope to create a monthly or quarterly zine to supplement this blog.

My blog will include recipes, restaurant reviews, cheap eats, product finds and articles about food culture. There will also be a calender for food events in Melbourne. I will also go out on a limb and taste test foods which people would like to try but have yet to discover a good hotspot. Such as the best Vietnamese pork rolls, the best frozen dim-sum(no it is not from South Melbourne Market) or the best organic ice-cream.
I appreciate comments, feedback, particular recipes or reviews you would like seen on the blog. Bon Appetite. Now lets get started…….

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